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Children's Vision

The American Optometric Association recommends that children have their first eye exam before the age of 1, followed at 3 years of age and every 2 years thereafter.

Our comprehensive children's eye examinations consist of:

  • Review of family history and child's general health
  • Assessment to determine your child's visual needs and eye health
  • Eye positioning and eye teaming tests
  • Color and depth perception tests
  • Peripheral vision tests
  • Basic eye tracking tests
  • Near and distance vision tests (to determine the need for glasses or contact lenses)
  • Eye health evaluation
  • Diagnosis and treatment of symptoms
  • Recommendation of binocular vision and/or perceptual skills assessment tests, if necessary
  • Recommendation of vision therapy, if necessary

Vision Therapy

Seeing 20/20 is only a piece of the visual process. Other fundamental parts of the visual process that affect the ability to learn such as eye coordination, eye focusing and visual perceptual activities must also be evaluated. Vision Therapy is an individualized treatment used to help patients acquire the visual skills and abilities needed for learning and school performance. Vision Therapy is a specialty field of eye care. Only a select number of optometrists offer vision therapy within their practices.


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