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CRT / Orthokeratology

What is CRT / Accelerated Orthokeratology?

CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy) and Accelerated Orthokeratology is an approved non-surgical method that can reduce and even eliminate myopia (nearsightedness) & astigmatism.

CRT / Orthokeratology is an effective alternative procedure for anyone with myopia and astigmatism. This lens therapy program employs specialized contact shaping lenses that normalize the cornea (shape, curvature & power) while worn during sleep, resulting in better vision without glasses and contact lenses during waking hours.

The CRT / Orthokeratology contact shaping lenses are the result of a remarkable technological breakthrough. Their highly permeable material is approved for overnight wear. Their unique design gently reshapes the cornea to bring the eye into correct focus. To maintain the correction, retainer lenses must be worn regularly while sleeping.

Important Facts to Know:

CRT/ Orthokeratology is a non-surgical vision improvement treatment.

Your vision will improve very rapidly in the first few days & weeks.

This procedure is convenient and comfortable.

As your vision normalizes, you will be seen frequently to map the progression of improvement. During the initial therapy period, you may be provided with disposable contact lenses to use during the day if necessary, as determined by your doctor.

You can have glasses-free, contact lens-free, vision for sports and recreation.

This treatment has been approved for all ages and can minimize deteriorating vision in children and others with myopia.

About Our Doctors

Drs. Schwaderer, Rheam, Hur, Szeto, Karolia and Louie have acquired the education and are certified to prescribe and treat myopia and astigmatism with Corneal Refractive Therapy and Accelerated Orthokeratology.

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